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Vehículo No Blindado Vehículo Blindado

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Protection Against Collision:

This is a collision coverage with a deductible of USD $ 2,500. It does not cover glass breakage or damage to tires / rims. In the event of an accident, the traffic police report and the insurance report or evaluations must be presented. Armored Vehicle Deductible is USD $ 8,000.00.

Total Loss and Theft:

70% coverage in case of Theft or Total Loss of the rented vehicle. Does not cover partial theft. It does not cover glass breakage or rim / tire damage. In this case, the report of the authorities must be presented. In case of accident and the vehicle is determined as a total loss you must cancel 30% of the value of the vehicle.

Additional Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance: USD $ 5

This protection covers medical expenses to the client and his passengers in the event of an accident. In case of death by accident, it has coverage per person or by the total number of occupants, only if the capacity of occupants is respected and traffic police is present.

Civil Liability Protection: USD $ 15

This is a Third-Party Damage protection of a deductible of USD $ 700.00. This protection is governed by the policy of the insurance company and presentation of the Traffic Police report.

Minor Damage Protection: $15

This protection is for minor damage to the vehicle (excludes damage to glass and tires). This protection has coverage in scratches with a maximum of 6 inches in length and slight dents of a maximum diameter of one inch. Covers surface damage to the rim (does not cover damage of rim) and covers any paint damage to any part of the vehicle. Does not cover complete damaged part or damage greater than L 10,000.00. Does not cover tools or accessories damaged or lost. This protection is additional to the insurance policy.

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